Supporting the Communities where we live, work and play

Great Falls Construction is committed to improving and developing relationships within the community we serve. We believe contributing to local nonprofits is essential to the mission of Great Falls Construction and our role as a business leader in Maine. Aside from direct fiscal support for local nonprofit groups, Great Falls enjoys getting directly involved in larger causes by donating in-kind service or even subsidizing the rental of our owned and managed properties for qualified groups to raise funds through events. In the end, we believe every little bit helps to build a great community and we are honored to be asked to contribute to so many worthy causes.

Requests for Support

If you think Great Falls is the right business to support your nonprofit, please fill out the form provided below. Groups seeking in-kind services or financial support from Great Falls should be local and registered as a nonprofit with the State of Maine. Our online form will also request a copy of your organization’s nonprofit certificate from the State of Maine.  All donation inquiries will be processed and reviewed for qualifications, regional significance and community benefit.